Dreams really do come true: My Disney Adventure, Part I

It’s official. I’m going to Disney World for Spring Break! Words cannot describe my excitement. This will be my FIRST time visiting the magical kingdom. I’m still mad at my parents for never taking me…and I’m 21. I guess you can say I hold grudges.

What’s even more amazing is I’m going with 10 of my family members. My older cousin Katie invited me to babysit her two precious boys, Wills and Clarke.

Wills is the most energetic 3-year-old I have ever met. Oh yeah, and this kid is a genius. I’m serious. I think he’s smarter than me sometimes. 

Before moving to Baton Rouge, I was so awkward around little ones. They intimidated me. I couldn’t even hold a baby under the age of one because I thought I would break “it”.

But when Wills was born something changed. Currently, Wills and I are best friends. But yesterday I wasn’t when I made him clean up his Lucky Charms he spilled all over the floor. He changes his mind a lot when it comes to our friendship. The worst is when he says, “Allie is yucky. You’re not my best friend anymore.” Part of me thinks it’s hilarious and the other part is actually hurt that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Who knew a 3-year-old could have such an impact on you.

Now Clarke (a.k.a Clarkey) couldn’t be any more different than his older brother. This 4-month-old is the most laid back baby I have ever met. I’m pretty obsessed…it’s kinda creepy. When I look at his face it seriously makes my heart melt (clichè but true). I’m so excited to see Clarkey grow up and be apart of his life.

I could go on for days about my cousins because it’s them who make this trip so exciting, but I’ll move back to the Disney trip. We are leaving Baton Rouge April 1 and driving to Orlando, Fl. The drive will be long, but I know it will be well worth it when we arrive. Taylor is obsessed with Harry Potter so one of our Disney days will be spent at Universal Studios, I’m secretly excited about this too.

While many of my peers will be on the beach funneling beer- there’s no other place I would rather be than with my family enjoying the sights and sounds of Disney World!

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney

Until next time.

Public relations and SCVNGR partner together at LSU

Fine Art America

Just a warning for all of you reading, this is my first blog post. Ever. So bear with me. My name is Allie Jarreau. I am a junior public relations (PR) major at the Manship School of Mass Communication. When I enrolled in my PR writing class at Louisiana State University (LSU), I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was going to be a challenge because mass communication (MC) 4001 is my first senior level class, and a challenge it is.

On the first day of class my instructor, Dr. Jensen Moore, frighten me to death. It wasn’t anything she did, but something she said. Jensen explained that the course was going to be a difficult, and we should walk out now if we weren’t ready to work hard. But that wasn’t going to stop me because I’m ready to learn skills I can use after graduation.

Currently we are working on a service-learning project with the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) and SCVNGR app. We are the first and only class in America to use SCVNGR under an open grant. In other words, this is completely free for our class to use. How cool?!

BRAC is a nonprofit striving to lead economic development in the nine parishes of Baton Rouge. Our “real life” client is Julie Laperouse, BRAC’s director of talent development. Julie is currently on maternity leave, but has volunteered to give us her time. She has been nothing but patient and helpful to our class.

SCVNGR is a geo-location based mobile gaming application. The app allows users to go to different locations and earn points by participating in challenges. Earning points leads to unlocking rewards, which may include things like free ice cream, half off pizza and more. BRAC plans to utilize SCVNGR’s resources by helping new residents understand and know Baton Rouge in a fun and exiting way.

My particular group is the “Out of Town” trek, which focuses primarily on enticing people to visit the nearby cities and attractions outside of Baton Rouge. We chose the name “Bengal Communications” for our PR agency. I serve as the strategy director along with my teammate David Jones. We have the responsibility of developing the campaign strategy. This includes creating a communication plan that will include staging publicity stunts, online postings and developing marketing materials.

I’m excited to work with Caroline Darwin, David Jones, Emily Herrington and Julie Barrios. I believe we have the knowledge and leadership to really succeed in this project. So far, we have all worked very well together and I know our group can and will exceed Julie’s and Jensen’s expectations.

This semester will be tough. There will probably be times were I will want to scream and give up, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

Until next time.

bengal orange